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Minnesota company resolves two wrongful termination suits tied to financial scandal

We have previously written on this blog about the ongoing legal dispute between Minnesota hearing aid manufacturer Starkey Laboratories and former employees who accuse the company of wrongfully terminating them from their positions. Several lawsuits were filed against Starkey following the termination of numerous employees in connection with a scandal involving financial wrongdoing within the company.  

Wrongful termination and the at-will employment rule, P.2

Last time, we began looking at the topic of wrongful termination, specifically as it relates to the rule of at-will employment. As we noted, there are a number of exceptions to the rule under state and federal law. The rule can also be modified by contract as well, as often happens with executive level employees and in collective bargaining agreements.

Wrongful termination and the at-will employment rule, P.1

Job security is a valuable thing, even when you’re underemployed, and most people like to think that they have reasonable job security. To think otherwise is difficult. Job security can be looked at a couple ways, though. First, there is job security seen from a practical standpoint—an employee’s likelihood of being terminated. Most employees who are tuned into the nature of their work and the feedback they routinely receive from their employer probably have a pretty good idea where they stand in this area.

Looking at exceptions to the at-will employment rule, P.3

In addition to the statutory protections we have mentioned in previous posts, there are also common-law or court-created exceptions to the at-will employment rule. For example, states may recognize certain exceptions to the rule based in public policy, such as termination based on refusal to commit a prohibited act, engaging in acts that are in the public interest, exercising statutory rights or reporting a violation.

Looking at exceptions to the at-will employment rule, P.2

Previously, we began looking at the topic of at-will employment, noting both the general rule and the fact that there are important exceptions to the rule, including contractual protections and illegal discrimination statutes. Protection against employer retaliation is another important exception.

Looking at exceptions to the at-will employment rule

When an individual is terminated from his or her position on upsetting terms, there is a tendency to feel that there must be some sort of legal recourse to punish the employer. In some cases, there surely is, but in many cases, there is not. Knowing how to determine when there may be recourse is important.

Starkey cases to be moved to federal court

We have previously written on this blog about the wrongful termination claims against Starkey Laboratories. At this point, the company has been hit with three wrongful termination lawsuits. The latest development in the ongoing litigation is that two of the lawsuits have been transferred to federal court.

Looking at the protections offered by MN tenure law, P.1

Last time, we began looking at a lawsuit recently filed against the state of Minnesota challenging the legality of tenure law. The claim, we noted, is that tenure prevents school districts from providing the quality of education guaranteed under the constitution.

Teacher tenure law at issue in lawsuit filed by disgruntled mothers

For most people in the working world, at will employment is the general rule in nearly every state, including Minnesota. There are important statutory exceptions to this rule, of course, and the rule can be modified by contract. For those who work in education, tenure is one such exception.

Starkey whistleblower lawsuit may go through arbitration

We previously wrote about a whistleblower lawsuit filed against a foundation associated with Minnesota-based hearing aid manufacturer Starkey Laboratories. The basis of that lawsuit is the alleged wrongful termination of an employee who reported concerns about the legality of the foundations reporting of charitable activities, among other things.

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