St. Paul Estate Disputes Lawyers

Estate plans are put into place to prevent disputes. Unfortunately, things do not always go as planned. Families may end up in conflict, even though a will spells out their loved one's wishes. Family tensions that were already present are often made worse, and new problems arise when assets are divided unequally or managed poorly.

Minneapolis Attorneys For Will Contests

At the Law Office of Sivertson and Barrette, P.A., in St. Paul, we understand. We represent Minnesota clients in estate disputes and probate litigation. Each situation is different. Sometimes we represent the person challenging a will and sometimes we defend against a challenge to a will.

In Minnesota, there are many different situations in which estate disputes can arise. People often come to believe:

  • The probate process was handled improperly.
  • Assets of the trust were not protected by the executor/personal representative.
  • Assets were accounted for improperly.
  • Multiple, conflicting wills exist.
  • The will did not conform to requirements set by Minnesota law.
  • Inheritances listed in the will were uneven, or relatives were excluded completely.
  • Evidence of fraud, elder abuse or undue influence exists.

When a will dispute arises, working with an experienced lawyer is the best way to solve the problem. At the Law Office of Sivertson and Barrette, P.A., we use our extensive experience to achieve the best possible results quickly and effectively.

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