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August 2012 Archives

What are your rights as an employee if you're bullied at work?

Not unexpectedly, the economic downturn has had an impact on the power dynamic between employees and employers. When jobs are scarce, many people feel they have no choice but to put up with the unwanted aspects of their situations -- sometimes, even when that means putting up with employee rights violations such as sexual or racial harassment. But what about bullying?

Former MTV exec sues for wrongful termination based on sex and age

After five years of conflict in MTV's talent and music department, a former vice president has filed a wrongful termination suit against the company, its parent company Viacom and affiliates. After years of effective service to the company and two decades of experience in the music industry, the woman maintains, she was retaliated against and fired due to age and gender discrimination.

Number of federal wage and hour law complaints at 20-year high

According to data obtained from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, the number of wage and hour complaints being filed by American workers -- on the rise since 2000, have reached a 20-year high. In the 12-month period ending on March 31 of this year, 7,064 lawsuits were filed claiming violations of federal laws regarding wage levels, employee classification, overtime pay and other work regulations. In the same period in 2000, the number filed was only 1,854.

CEO of Tuesday Morning claims wrongful termination for cancer

The long-time chief executive officer of home décor retailer Tuesday Morning Corp. has filed a disability discrimination and wrongful termination complaint with the EEOC against her former company. The woman, who had been CEO of the company since July 2000, was fired in June, shortly after disclosing to the board of directors that she was suffering from breast cancer.

2 Minnesota satellite dish companies owe back wages of $203,539

The U.S. Department of Labor has ordered two satellite dish installation companies operating in Minnesota to pay their current and former employees a total of $203,539 in back wages. In violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act, according to the Labor Department, the companies engaged in a number of unlawful employment practices, including failure to keep accurate employee records, not paying their technicians the minimum wage, and refusing to pay for overtime work.

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