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September 2012 Archives

Is Wall Street 'mommy-tracking'? VP files suit against Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank announced in July that it would cut 1,900 jobs and, on September 11, the German-based bank said there would be more. This was all part of a global cost-cutting plan, so people were worried. Luckily, the hedge fund group in the New York office was told on August 21 that no one in their area was slated to lose a job.

The FLSA and state laws mandate breaks for breastfeeding women

After a veteran charter school teacher in Colorado had her second child last year, the school she worked for refused to give her a place to pump her breast milk. They also would not provide someone to cover her class during the breaks she needed to do so -- three 20-minute breaks per week.

Olive Garden chain accused of failing to pay the minimum wage

Florida-based Darden Restaurants Inc., which operates the Olive Garden, Red Lobster, LongHorn Steakhouse the Capital Grille and other full-service chain restaurants, has been accused of violating the Fair Labor Standards Act. And, according to a federal lawsuit brought by current and former food servers, the company's illegal practices may affect wait staff nationwide.

Lawsuit: disability accommodations for LSAT routinely refused

It goes without saying that countless people with disabilities have gone to law school and had successful, productive careers as attorneys. While disability discrimination is certainly a problem for some people, there is no reason many people with disabilities would be unable to perform as lawyers.

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