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March 2013 Archives

Does an CVS's 'health fine' violation employees' privacy rights?

CVS Caremark Corporation, the nationwide pharmacy and health insurance chain, recently announced a new workplace wellness policy aimed at keeping their insurance expenses down in anticipation of health care costs continuing to rise.

NYC passes unemployment discrimination law -- should Minnesota?

Overriding a veto by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the New York City Council just passed a major new piece of employee rights legislation. The new ordinance prohibits all employers in the city from discrimination in hiring based on a job applicant's unemployment status. New Jersey, Oregon and Washington, D.C., have already passed laws protecting out-of-work applicants from discrimination. Should Minnesota follow suit?

'Price Is Right' pregnancy discrimination victim loses jury award

Last year, a former model on the game show "The Price Is Right" sued the show for pregnancy discrimination and wrongful termination. She alleged extremely poor treatment by the show's producers, who apparently criticized her for gaining weight and even removed her from the show's website. Ultimately, she says, they fired her.

Labor Department to scrutinize contractors for pay discrimination

The U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs has just announced that it is changing the way it will investigate pay discrimination by federal contractors. The mission of the OFCCP is to ensure federal contractors comply with equal employment policies, and it believes the change will bring federal contract compliance more in line with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The directive changing the enforcement policy went into effect March 1.

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