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Potential Vikings lawsuit rests on investigation results

Former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe says that whether or not he decides to pursue legal action against the team will depend on the outcome of the internal investigation into the conduct of the special teams coach. We have discussed this possible case in an earlier post just after Mr. Kluwe’s open letter on the issue was published on a popular sports website.

The letter essentially accused the coaching staff at the Minnesota Vikings of homophobia and alleged that the team fired Mr. Kluwe not because of poor job performance but rather as a result of his choice to act as an advocate in favor of same-sex marriage.

Mr. Kluwe says that his issue with the team boils down to the fact that his termination was sudden and did not connect with the reality of his job performance, which was the same level it had been for many years when the team indicated that they were satisfied with his work. He said that there was no discussion of that issue leading up to his release from the team, leading him to believe that other things were going on behind closed doors.

Now, the Vikings organization is conducting an internal investigation into whether there was any wrongdoing on the part of the coaches in the release of Mr. Kluwe from the team’s roster. An attorney representing the former punter says that the coach at the center of the accusations should not be acting as a leader for the team while the investigation continues. The outcome of the investigation will have a significant impact on whether or not Mr. Kluwe files a wrongful termination action.

Source: Fox Sports North, “Kluwe: Lawsuit vs. Vikings depends on Priefer investigation outcome,” Brian Hall, Feb. 8, 2014. 

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