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May 2014 Archives

Can age discrimination be proven by an employer's shifting rationales?

The unfortunate reality is that we are more than likely going to see more instances of older Americans losing their jobs due to what employers classify as downsizing, but what really appears to be a textbook case of age discrimination. That's because the nation's sizeable baby boomer population is continuing to get older while still choosing to play an active role in the workforce.

Can estate planning help you provide for multiple generations?

What is the ultimate goal in the creation of an estate plan? Is it making sure that your wealth and assets get passed on to your intended heirs? Is it to minimize estate taxes? Is it to ensure that your name lives on in the form of charitable giving?

Don't underestimate importance of planning for your digital afterlife

In a previous post, our blog discussed how every company you work with online has their unique terms of service that must be accounted for in estate planning. While this is certainly a very important consideration, it perhaps begs the broader question of what steps a person can take to ensure that their digital assets are properly documented, organized and otherwise accessible in the event of their untimely demise.

Women's Economic Security Act now in effect in Minnesota - II

In our previous post, we discussed how history was made in Minnesota just a few weeks ago when Governor Mark Dayton signed the Women's Economic Security Act into law. For those still unfamiliar with the measure, it is designed to 1) eliminate the pay gap between men and women, and 2) eliminate impermissible obstacles to both economic progress and career advancement for women.

Some important estate planning considerations for women

There is absolutely no disputing that virtually everyone needs to take steps to make sure that they have an estate plan in place. However, some experts have taken things one step further and suggested that the need for women to take this step is perhaps even more important.

Women's Economic Security Act now in effect in Minnesota

While many of us were out enjoying the Mother's Day holiday with our families last weekend, history was being made in St. Paul where Governor Mark Dayton officially signed the Women's Economic Security Act into law.

Is it time to review your trust?

There's no question that there are certain tasks that many of us know are important but still put off doing because we are perhaps dreading the time commitment they may entail. For instance, these tasks may include doing our taxes, refinancing our mortgage, examining our retirement investments and, of course, executing an estate plan.

Exotic wildcat refuge hit with whistleblower retaliation lawsuit

When employees are brave enough to come forward to report misconduct on the part of management or fellow employees in the interests of protecting the organization, they deserve to be commended for their courage and honesty. Unfortunately, this isn't always what happens and employees who take this step may find themselves demoted or, even worse, terminated.

Older Americans and the changing face of estate planning

Every two years, the National Institute on Aging and the University of Michigan join forces to conduct the Health and Retirement Study, a survey of 26,000-plus people over the age of 50 designed to collect information on everything from income, pension plans and assets to health insurance, disability and other important issues.

Ex-Viking still weighing wrongful termination lawsuit

Even though the official start of the NFL season is still many months away, the Minnesota Vikings are continuing to make headlines both throughout the state and across the nation. However, this most recent round of news coverage has nothing to do with their new stadium or the impending draft, but rather with the potential wrongful termination suit filed by a former player.

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