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June 2014 Archives

Older workers forced to get creative in the face of discrimination

Under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, employers are prohibited from discriminating against people age 40 and older. This means that federal law expressly prohibits discriminatory practices relating to everything from job assignments, promotions and trainings to pay, employment conditions and, of course, hiring.

President set to expand employment protection for LGBT workers

Both advocacy groups and legal circles around the nation were abuzz this week over the Obama Administration's announcement that the president would soon be signing an executive order designed to significantly expand employment protections and end anti-gay discrimination in at least one work setting.

More young people making charitable giving part of estate plan

While many Americans would prefer to put the memory of the recent recession behind them, it's important to understand that the economy is finally showing signs of recovery. To illustrate, the housing market has rebounded to a large extent, consumers are spending more and the unemployment rate is improving.

The estate planning lessons to be learned from an NFL owner

Even the most casual sports fan understands and appreciates just how much professional sports franchises are now worth thanks to everything from lucrative media broadcast deals and endorsement agreements to ticket sales and general stadium revenue.

How young workers can protect themselves from sexual harassment

At this time of the year, many Minnesota college graduates are busy making plans for their future. Specifically, some are contemplating whether to pursue a graduate degree, while many others are looking for employment to help launch their career and, of course, pay their bills.

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