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October 2014 Archives

Dedicated to protecting your license and your professional reputation

Without a doubt, one of the proudest moments in the lives of any health care professional is when they are able to walk across the stage, clad in cap and gown, to receive their diploma. That's because this moment, however fleeting, is the culmination of years of intensive academic work and personal sacrifice, and marks the start of a promising career.

An examination of health care directives in Minnesota

Under Minnesota law, those who feel very strongly about the type of medical care that should be provided in the event of their mental and/or physical incapacity have the option of executing what is known as a health care directive.

Why you must consider executing a health care directive

As we've discussed before, many people are reluctant to take the necessary steps to create a proper estate plan not because they are neglectful, but rather because they are reluctant to broach the always difficult topic of death.  

How much do you know about prohibited hiring practices in MN? - II

In our last post, we discussed how truly unfortunate it can be when the excitement of the job interview process is marred by otherwise questionable employer inquiries that could potentially be used in a discriminatory manner.

How much do you know about prohibited hiring practices in MN?

When a person receives a call asking them to come in for a job interview, it's not uncommon for them to experience a range of emotions including excitement and even some anxiety. This is perfectly understandable given the possibilities, as well as everything involved in the hiring and interviewing process.  

A closer look at the execution of simple wills in Minnesota - II

In a prior post, we started exploring the topic of simple wills. The reasoning behind this was to provide some valuable insight into what state law has to say about these important legally binding documents and to reinforce just how vital they are in helping solidify a person's exact estate planning wishes.

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