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January 2015 Archives

Are state lawmakers willing to consider a tipped employee tier?

Minnesota's wage and hour laws underwent a historic change last year when Governor Mark Dayton signed legislation authorizing substantial and periodic adjustments to the state's minimum wage.

Are noncompetition agreements legal here in Minnesota?

When we wrote on the topic of noncompetition agreements last, which was back in October in one of our blog posts, we talked with our Twin Cities readers about the level of complexity that this type of clause can add to contractual agreements. In some cases, employees may not even be aware that they are signing such an agreement because it's buried in a standard employment contract. In other cases, a person may not consider its importance until after they are trying to seek new employment in the same career field.

Nurse files suit similar to one before the Supreme Court

Over the past several months, one particular employment discrimination case has received a great deal of media attention. This case involves a former UPS worker who requested lighter duties during her pregnancy due to her doctor’s advice. Rather than assigning her lighter duties, her employer refused. This situation is particularly frustrating, given that the employer did accommodate others with lighter duties in observance of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This case is currently being heard by the Supreme Court of the United States.

New law gives hope to job applicants with minor criminal records

The start of a new year doesn't just mean serious resolutions and the need to purchase new calendars, it also means that important legislation passed by state lawmakers during the previous session will officially become law.

Do you know enough the Minnesota probate process? -- II

In a previous post, we discussed how the difficulty of a loved one passing is often compounded by the need to address complex estate administration issues -- particularly as they relate to the probate process.

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