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March 2015 Archives

A new era for Minnesota's nurse practitioners

When envisioning the medical care hierarchy, it's imperative not to think solely in terms of physicians and nurses. Indeed, there are many other skilled professionals within this structure that play an absolutely vital role in patient care, particularly nurse practitioners.  

Just how sizeable is the pay gap between male and female nurses?

While most of us would prefer to think otherwise, the unfortunate reality is that statistics routinely show that women earn less money than their male counterparts across multiple industries here in the U.S.

Committed to fighting the injustice of pregnancy discrimination

News of a pregnancy is typically met with great joy, multiple rounds of congratulations and, of course, nervous excitement on the part of friends and family. Unfortunately, employers may not share this same enthusiasm and may even resort to discriminatory practices upon hearing the news.

Do you know enough the Minnesota probate process? -- III

In a series of ongoing posts, our blog has been discussing how the prospect of addressing complex estate administration issues -- particularly the probate process -- in the weeks after the passing of a friend or family member can seem especially daunting.

Learning the truth about Minnesota's minimum wage laws -- II

Last time, our blog discussed how once the euphoria associated with landing a new job wears off, a person should perhaps take some time to educate themselves about the wage laws in their state in order to protect themselves from possible exploitation by their employer. 

Learning the truth about Minnesota's minimum wage laws

There is perhaps no better feeling than getting a phone call from an employer offering you a job. While part of this is because the job will provide you with a stable income and maybe even benefits, another part is that it stands as a sort of validation of all of your hard work leading up to that point.

How much closer are you to creating your estate plan?

Even though we are now two months into 2015, there are likely many New Year's resolutions that you have yet to fulfill. Perhaps you haven't made it into the gym quite as often as you vowed or gotten around to cleaning up the basement clutter that has become an eyesore

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