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April 2015 Archives

Many victims are scared to report sexual harassment at work

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious issue in the United States. Many employees are victims of sexual harassment every year. Victims of sexual harassment can file a lawsuit against their employer. Unfortunately, a new report shows that many cases go unreported.

How MN's controlled substance database can protect physicians

Statistics show that more people than ever are now struggling with addiction to prescription narcotics, and that this epidemic is not only resulting in record overdoses but also a surge in criminal activity.

Employees file suit over age discrimination

Many employees in Minnesota may not understand their rights. Discrimination in the workplace is illegal, and it is important for employees to know that they can pursue legal action if they believe they have been a victim of workplace discrimination. 

Minnesota estate tax proposal up for vote

Discussion is ongoing among Minnesota legislators about reducing the amount of estate taxes paid by certain individuals following their death. Certain members of the Minnesota House would like to more than double the amount of money required in the estate before subjecting estate assets to taxation.

Examining the complaint process as it relates to licensed MN dentists - II

Last week, we began discussing how all of the hard work and success of those individuals who choose to pursue a career in dentistry can be jeopardized by the filing of a complaint with the Board of Dentistry that calls their fitness to practice into question.

A closer look at the execution of simple wills in Minnesota - III

Over the last six months, our blog has spent some time discussing simple wills in the hope that it would shed some light on the state laws governing these documents and help drive home the message about just how important basic estate planning is for everyone.

Examining the complaint process as it relates to licensed MN dentists

A successful career in dentistry is about more than just earning a degree and the necessary licensure, which by itself is a herculean effort. Rather it's also about building a successful practice, earning the respect of colleagues and, of course, gaining the trust of the community served.

SCOTUS says pregnancy discrimination case can move forward

While it's truly unfortunate, the simple reality is that many employees will experience some sort of discriminatory actions after informing their employers that they are expecting a child. While these discriminatory actions may be fairly obvious, such as demotion or even termination after announcing the pregnancy, they can also prove to be more low key yet equally insidious, such as discrepancies in pay or failures to make accommodations.

What to learn from the dispute over Robin Williams' estate

Of the many benefits that come from executing an estate plan, none is perhaps more rewarding than the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have done everything in your power to make things easy for your family, including minimizing the potential for disputes.

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