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August 2015 Archives

Lawmaker wants to expand protection for victims of sexual harassment

When the unthinkable happens and people find themselves subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace, it's not uncommon for them to experience a host of emotions ranging from anxiety and disgust to anger and even frustration.  

Professional license defense for MN optometrists

While many people might associate a trip to see the optometrist with basic eye exams or being fitted for glasses, these are only a small portion of the valuable services that you, the optometrist, provide to patients.

Ex-athletics director Norwood Teague accused of sexual harassment

The inclusion of sex discrimination in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act has been around since 1964, making it incredibly shocking when instances of sexual harassment occur. But if you've been paying attention to the news like we have, then you know that these cases do happen, even in Minnesota, and they can have a serious impact on all parties involved.

Exploring your rights under the Parental Leave Act

Once the initial excitement of learning that you are having a baby starts to subside, you understandably become consumed by a million different thoughts and a million different questions. Indeed, you will start to think more and more about arranging the nursery, purchasing toys and clothes, scheduling doctor appointments, finding the right hospital and, of course, deciding on a name.

What state law has to say about minors working during the school year

We are now only a few weeks away from the official start of the school year here in Minnesota. If you don't believe it, turn on your television or peruse the Internet for just a short time, and you will soon be inundated with back-to-school advertisements showcasing everything from clothes to notebooks.

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