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September 2015 Archives

UMD hit with discrimination lawsuit filed by three former coaches

Athletics at the University of Minnesota are once again dominating the headlines. However, just like before, the headlines aren't necessarily about the football, hockey or basketball programs, but rather about alleged misconduct on the part of high-ranking officials.

Proposed class action accuses Microsoft of gender discrimination

When it comes to identifying those industries that have been plagued by allegations of gender discrimination, the technology sector is likely one of the last to come to people's minds. This probably has something to do with the assumption that this otherwise progressive area would naturally give rise to a progressive mindset toward gender roles in the workplace.

Exploring the rights of medical professionals under the HPSP

In our last post, we began discussing how many licensed medical professionals struggling with certain health issues will voluntarily look to the Minnesota Health Professionals Services Program (HPSP) in the hopes that it can provide them with the necessary assistance to continue working in their chosen profession.

Helping MN medical professionals understand more about the HPSP

As a licensed medical professional, no one knows more about the value of hard work. That's because to get to this point, you've invested countless hours, endless energy and significant resources into securing the necessary education and training. Simply put, your dedication to your craft and your patients cannot be questioned.

Exploring your rights under the Parental Leave Act - II

Last month, our blog started discussing how even though a soon-to-be parent is understandably consumed by millions of baby-related thoughts in the months leading up to their new arrival, they also have many questions concerning both their employment and the leave to which they are entitled after the birth.

What does state law say must happen when workers are terminated or quit? - II

In the last post, our blog started discussing how even though Minnesota is an "at-will" state -- meaning employers are free to terminate employees for any reason provided its legal and employees are free to quit for any reason -- there are certain legal requirements of which both parties should be aware.

What does state law say must happen when workers are terminated or quit?

As we've discussed on our blog before, Minnesota is considered an "at-will" employment state, meaning that employees are generally free to leave their jobs for any reason at any time.

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