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November 2015 Archives

Navigating medical board investigations: work with an experienced attorney, P.2

In our previous post, we began speaking about the duty of the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice to investigate physicians for their fitness to practice medicine and the grounds upon which disciplinary actions may be taken by the board.

Navigating medical board investigations: work with an experienced attorney, P.1

For physicians practicing here in Minnesota, dealing with the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice is an essential part of the job. Some parts of complying with the medical board are routine, such as engaging in ongoing continuing medical education and registering for the practice of telemedicine. Other dealings with the board, such as dealing with disciplinary issues, are not so routine, at least for most physicians.

VA credentialing story highlights important issue for physicians, hospitals

Credentialing is an important aspect of the health care system by which health care facilities and insurance companies provide patients and policyholders assurance of the qualifications of the physicians and other licensed staff with whom they are affiliated. The credentialing process involves not only evaluating the qualifications of a licensed health care provider, but also his or her practice history.

Pursuing legal action for age, sex discrimination in the workplace

In our previous post, we began speaking about discrimination based on age and sex, particularly in the context of the workplace. As we noted, discrimination is very often not obvious, and it is important for those who suspect they may have been subjected to illegal discrimination to work with an experienced attorney to explore the issue.

Study shows older female job-seekers have harder time getting hired

Finding work is hard enough without having to deal with illegal discrimination, but for certain groups of job seekers, illegal discrimination may be something they are dealing with even when it isn’t obvious. Take, for example, the findings of a recent study regarding age discrimination. The study looked specifically at whether it is more difficult for older workers to find jobs in the current job market.

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