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February 2016 Archives

Should state, federal government offer paid parental leave to its employees? P.2

Last time, we mentioned that Governor Dayton has recently proposed paid leave for government employees. The proposal, as we noted, would guarantee sex weeks of paid leave for the birth or adoption of a child. While the proposal has been welcomed by some, objections have also been raised. Among them are that, because many private companies do not currently offer any paid leave for their employees, doing so for government employees would only serve to widen the public-private benefit gap.

Should state, federal government offer paid parental leave to its employees? P.1

We have previously spoken on this blog about the recent trend in the corporate world of improve family and medical leave offerings for employees. These improvements vary in their specifics, but all seek to bump up the protections established under the Family and Medical Leave Act and the various state laws. As we’ve noted, the Minnesota Parental Leave Act requires employers to provide 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave for employees to attend to the birth or adoption of a child.

Telemedicine and matters of discipline in Minnesota, P.2

Last time, we took a look at the registration requirements applying to physicians who want to practice telemedicine in the state of Minnesota. In addition to the requirements mentioned last time, physicians who provide telemedicine services to patients in Minnesota are required to abide by health records requirements.

Telemedicine and matters of discipline in Minnesota, P.1

We’ve been speaking in recent posts about the growth of telemedicine practice and the issue of reimbursement, which serves as a barrier to the growth of telemedicine. As we noted, more and more states are addressing the issue of interstate licensing, which will help with the growth of telemedicine practice.

Telemedicine and the issue of reimbursement, P.2

In our last post, we began speaking about the insurance aspect of telemedicine, which is currently a barrier to the widespread use of telemedicine services on a national scale. As we mentioned, though, the state of Minnesota does have a law guaranteeing parity of coverage for telemedicine services through private insurance and state employee health plans, but there are certain limitations on Medicare coverage for telemedicine services.

Telemedicine and the issue of reimbursement, P.1

We have previously written about the issues of telemedicine and interstate licensing on this blog, noting that with the increasing demand for telemedicine, there is a corresponding push to make it easier for doctors to become licensed in other states. The Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, which is being adopted by an increasing amount of states, is part of the solution to the growing demand.

Work with experienced attorney when arbitration agreement dispute arises

In our last post, we spoke a bit about some of the commonly known risks for employees when it comes to arbitration agreements. Generally speaking, arbitration agreements are legal, and they are commonly used by employers in employment contracts. In many cases, prospective employees don’t have the ability to negotiate the terms surrounding arbitration agreements, but disputes can still arise regarding these agreements.

Work with experienced attorney when arbitration agreement dispute arises, P.2

In recent posts, we’ve been looking at the topic of arbitration agreements in the employment context, looking first at some of the disadvantages these agreements present to employees, as well as some of the disputes that can arise with respect to them. The disputes we’ve discussed so far have been discussed in the context of state law.

Work with experienced attorney on issues surrounding arbitration agreements

Last time, we spoke about some of the potential issues with employer-imposed arbitration agreements and the arbitration process itself. As we noted, the arbitration process has been criticized for leaving employees at a disadvantage when disputes arise.

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