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May 2017 Archives

Can I sue my employer for workplace discrimination?

When an employee suspects that he or she has been subjected to illegal discrimination on the job, particularly if the discrimination has significant economic consequences for the employee, it is important to understand what options are available in terms of seeking justice. Because there are protections against illegal discrimination under both state and federal law, as well as government agencies that handle discrimination complaints, employees have options.

19 states now signed onto Medical Licensure Compact, but not all on same terms

We’ve previously written on this blog about the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, a voluntary agreement aimed at making it easier for physicians to become licensed to practice in other states. The agreement is a response to the requirement that physicians apply for licensure separately in each state, which can be frustratingly time-consuming.

Filing discrimination complaints with state, federal agencies: how does the process work?

Previously, we said that employees who believe they may have experienced racial discrimination on the job need to understand not only how to report violations internally, within their company, but also how to report violations to state and federal authorities. As we noted, the EEOC is responsible for handling complaints of employment discrimination at the federal level, while the Minnesota Department of Human Rights handles complaints at the state level.

How should a nurse handle allegations of substance abuse?

Working as a nurse is a difficult, demanding job. There are long hours, angry patients, impatient family members and little margin for any kind of mistake or failure. Sadly, this stress leads some nurses to turn to substances to help them get through their daily life - perhaps Benzos to combat stress, or ADHD medications to boost focus and energy levels.

MN company settles racial harassment case with EEOC

Last month, Minnesota mattress manufacturer Sealy reportedly settled a case with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission involving allegations of racial harassment. According to the agency, some of the company’s employees had been engaging in seriously, racially-hostile behaviors, which included racial jokes and slurs and racially motivated actions that easily could have been perceived as threatening.

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