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August 2017 Archives

Taylor Swift groping trial raises issues of wrongful termination, sexual harassment

Readers who pay attention to pop culture and celebrity news may have heard that Taylor Swift has been in the news lately in connection with groping claims. What’s going on is this: she countersued a former radio DJ for assault and battery after he filed a defamation lawsuit in which he claimed entitlement to damages for his termination from the radio station where he formerly worked.

Three things psychology professionals should keep in mind about disciplinary proceedings

We’ve previously looked at how physicians are regulated in the state of Minnesota, and the role of the Board of Medicine in licensing, regulating, and disciplining physicians in this state. Just as the medical profession has a professional board to handle regulatory and disciplinary matters, so too does the profession of psychology. According to the Minnesota Board of Psychology, ensuring safe, competent and ethical provision of psychological services is its primary mission.

Building a strong discrimination case requires sound legal theory and supporting evidence, P.2

When an individual chooses to pursue an employment discrimination case, there are different theories of discrimination that can be alleged, depending on the facts of the case. In our last post, we looked at one common theory of discrimination: disparate treatment. As we noted, disparate treatment may be proven by either direct or circumstantial evidence, as the evidence allows.

Building a strong discrimination case requires sound legal theory and supporting evidence, P.1

Previously, we looked briefly at an ongoing discrimination case against UMD involving several former coaches of female athletics. As we noted last time, the university wants the lawsuit thrown out based on undisputed law and facts, though the coaches have a different account of what occurred than the university.

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