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December 2017 Archives

What's considered an exempt employee in Minnesota?

Most Minnesota workers are subject to the federal government's Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) as opposed to the state one. This is because most Minnesota businesses engage in interstate commerce. As such, they are required to pay their employees one and a half times their regular rate of pay provided that they work in excess of 40 hours during a single week.

Minnesota's legislature doesn't disclose employee discrimination

If there's one thing that Minnesota legislators appear to enjoy relaying to the public, it's about how focused on being transparent they are, especially as it relates to being selective in spending taxpayer dollars. A recent investigation shows that they aren't forthright with everything, though.

I lost my job: Do I have an age discrimination claim?

When an employee has many years of experience in his or her field of work, he or she will charge a premium for his or her services, and demand a much higher salary than a freshly graduated worker. It is expected in almost all industries that a more experienced, and therefore, an older worker, is more expensive to employ. They often also require a higher salary because of their responsibilities, such as their financial needs due to raising a family.

How to get your suspended Minnesota veterinary license reinstated

There are a number of reasons your license to practice veterinary medicine may be suspended. While it may have occurred because you failed to renew your license in time or to prove that you'd met the necessary continuing education, it might have also happened because you engaged in malpractice or committed a crime. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your suspension, it may be possible to file for a reinstatement of your medical license.

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