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What's considered an exempt employee in Minnesota?

Most Minnesota workers are subject to the federal government's Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) as opposed to the state one. This is because most Minnesota businesses engage in interstate commerce. As such, they are required to pay their employees one and a half times their regular rate of pay provided that they work in excess of 40 hours during a single week.

How Minnesota views your right to privacy in the workplace

Minnesota's Supreme Court recently committed itself to addressing invasion of privacy matters, especially in the workplace. What's come of this is renewed interest in employee rights as it relates to employer's responsibility to respect their boundaries, even when they're on work premises. More specifically, it's left many asking whether it's lawful for employers to search employee computers and desks, tap their phones or voice concerns about personal choices.

Minnesota resident rights under the Women's Economic Security Act

The Women's Economic Security Act (WESA), also known as HF2536, was first drafted into law in Minnesota in 2014. The main objectives that the authors, who drafted this bill, had was to strengthen the rights of both women and families in the workplace and to address gender gaps in pay.

A brief look at sexual harassment claims under state, federal law

In our previous post, we began looking the topic of wrongful termination and sexual harassment in the context of Taylor Swift's recent groping claims. As we noted last time, underneath the defamation and assault/battery claims, the Taylor Swift groping incident raises not only the issue of wrongful termination but also that of sexual harassment.

MN preemption bill could impact paid leave ordinances, minimum wage efforts

Last week, the Minnesota House of Representatives voted to pass legislation that would remove the ability of local governments to establish wage and benefit ordinances. The measure would both invalidate existing ordinances and make any future attempts to pass such laws ineffective. One set of ordinances the measure would nullify would be the paid sick leave ordinances passed by both Minneapolis and St. Paul in 2016.

Be cautious about signing waivers of rights under severance agreements

Last time, we looked briefly at a recently settled Minnesota case involving severance agreements in the Minneapolis Public School District. As we noted, about 50 district employees were required to sign the legally precarious agreements over the last 2 ½ years. In that case, the EEOC made it clear that requiring employees to waive their right to file discrimination lawsuits violates federal law.

Minneapolis school district settles severance agreement case

One of the important issues for employees to be aware of is that they have rights when it comes to termination. These rights vary depending on the state you live in and any contractual agreements that may exist between the employee and the employer. All employees have protection from termination based on illegal grounds such as illegal discrimination or retaliation for whistle-blowing.

Employees in St. Paul, Minneapolis soon to enjoy new leave protections

The ability to take job-protected, paid sick leave is something that many people take for granted, given that they work at companies with progressive policies. It is not a benefit that many workers have, though.

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