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Employers can't discriminate against pregnant women at work

Pregnant women shouldn't have to face any type of discrimination in the work force simply because they decided to start a family or expand their family. For some pregnant women, having to deal with discrimination is an atrocity that they live with at work. These women do have the right to take legal action if they so feel the need.

Job notices can't include age preferences

Age discrimination isn't always as obvious as you may assume. For instance, it's clear that discrimination is happening if a young person and an older worker both come in for an interview, but the company then tells the older worker he or she is too old for the job and hires the younger worker.

Minnesota's legislature doesn't disclose employee discrimination

If there's one thing that Minnesota legislators appear to enjoy relaying to the public, it's about how focused on being transparent they are, especially as it relates to being selective in spending taxpayer dollars. A recent investigation shows that they aren't forthright with everything, though.

I lost my job: Do I have an age discrimination claim?

When an employee has many years of experience in his or her field of work, he or she will charge a premium for his or her services, and demand a much higher salary than a freshly graduated worker. It is expected in almost all industries that a more experienced, and therefore, an older worker, is more expensive to employ. They often also require a higher salary because of their responsibilities, such as their financial needs due to raising a family.

Workers’ compensation retaliation could come into play

There is nothing worse than the thought of suffering an on-the-job injury. Even if you are extremely careful about avoiding an accident, you never know if you could find yourself in a compromising position at some point.

Building a strong discrimination case requires sound legal theory and supporting evidence, P.2

When an individual chooses to pursue an employment discrimination case, there are different theories of discrimination that can be alleged, depending on the facts of the case. In our last post, we looked at one common theory of discrimination: disparate treatment. As we noted, disparate treatment may be proven by either direct or circumstantial evidence, as the evidence allows.

Building a strong discrimination case requires sound legal theory and supporting evidence, P.1

Previously, we looked briefly at an ongoing discrimination case against UMD involving several former coaches of female athletics. As we noted last time, the university wants the lawsuit thrown out based on undisputed law and facts, though the coaches have a different account of what occurred than the university.

Former UMD sports coaches accuse university of illegal discrimination

Three former University of Minnesota Duluth sports coaches, all female, are suing the university for a total of $18 million for illegally discriminating against them. The former coaches filed the suit back in 2015, accusing the university of discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation and national origin.

Court looks at issue of causation in disability discrimination case

In any employment discrimination case, it is critical for an employee who has been subjected to adverse employment action to work carefully with an experienced attorney to fully establish each element of the discrimination claim, whether the claim falls under state or federal law.

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