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What can you do if you're wrongfully terminated in Minnesota?

Nothing is worse than losing your job and thinking that it has to do with your sexual preferences, skin color or gender. Maybe it's your disability that you worry about or you think that because you requested your employer stops harassing you that you've been retaliated against. Whatever the reason is, it's hard to handle when you're terminated from a job unexpectedly.

Minnesota native Gretchen Carlson turned tables on harasser

Winning the Miss America pageant in 1988 kicked off Gretchen Carlson's career in broadcast journalism. But the former FOX News anchor, now 51, had no inkling then of what she would be forced to endure as she struggled to keep her career trajectory on target.

What does it mean to be wrongfully terminated from your job?

It's not always easy to understand what it means to be wrongfully terminated from your job. There is a lot that goes into this, so it's important to collect as much information as possible as to clear the air and help you determine which steps to take next.

Taylor Swift groping trial raises issues of wrongful termination, sexual harassment

Readers who pay attention to pop culture and celebrity news may have heard that Taylor Swift has been in the news lately in connection with groping claims. What’s going on is this: she countersued a former radio DJ for assault and battery after he filed a defamation lawsuit in which he claimed entitlement to damages for his termination from the radio station where he formerly worked.

Minnesota company resolves two wrongful termination suits tied to financial scandal

We have previously written on this blog about the ongoing legal dispute between Minnesota hearing aid manufacturer Starkey Laboratories and former employees who accuse the company of wrongfully terminating them from their positions. Several lawsuits were filed against Starkey following the termination of numerous employees in connection with a scandal involving financial wrongdoing within the company.  

Wrongful termination and the at-will employment rule, P.2

Last time, we began looking at the topic of wrongful termination, specifically as it relates to the rule of at-will employment. As we noted, there are a number of exceptions to the rule under state and federal law. The rule can also be modified by contract as well, as often happens with executive level employees and in collective bargaining agreements.

Wrongful termination and the at-will employment rule, P.1

Job security is a valuable thing, even when you’re underemployed, and most people like to think that they have reasonable job security. To think otherwise is difficult. Job security can be looked at a couple ways, though. First, there is job security seen from a practical standpoint—an employee’s likelihood of being terminated. Most employees who are tuned into the nature of their work and the feedback they routinely receive from their employer probably have a pretty good idea where they stand in this area.

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