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When a conflict requires legal action, the people involved often face tremendous stress. At the Law Office of Sivertson and Barrette, P.A., we are here to help. For over 35 years, attorneys at our St. Paul law firm have been fighting for their clients who need quality representation to achieve the best possible results in civil litigation.

Our firm was started by Alf Sivertson and Michelle Barrette, a husband and wife legal team who use their extensive experience and expert knowledge to help clients face some of their most difficult challenges in life. Their daughters, Marit Sivertson and Anja Sivertson, are also now part of the legal team. Together, the lawyers represent clients facing a wide range of civil litigation, including:

A History Of Success In Complex And Challenging Civil Litigation

Our history of success includes some of the most factually complex and legally difficult cases in Minnesota. In one such case, we successfully represented a client who suffered a genetic injury that affected the client’s chromosomes. The case required effective presentation of evidence that was not visible to the human eye. In another case, we represented a client whose property value was diminished by toxic chemicals that were washed from fruit and absorbed into the surrounding lands. Complex scientific evidence was needed to protect our client’s interests.

Taking Actions To Further Our Clients’ Goals

Each case is different. No matter what, we aggressively represent civil plaintiffs and defendants and fight for their legal rights. From drafting the initial pleadings, to conducting the discovery of evidence, questioning witnesses, negotiating settlements and proceeding to trial, we keep our clients’ best interests in mind.

We work closely with our clients to ensure we understand what their goals are and how we can best meet them.

One of our goals is to reduce the costs, time and stress that come with extended litigation. The attorneys in our St. Paul law firm are skilled trial attorneys dedicated to defending their clients’ rights.

Contact The Law Office Of Sivertson And Barrette: Minneapolis Construction Litigation Attorneys

Litigation can be managed effectively by a skillful and experienced attorney. To discuss your need for representation in Minnesota courts, make an appointment with our St. Paul civil litigation attorneys by calling 651-964-6301. You may also contact our lawyers online.

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