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Sadly, just because a person has a will does not always mean everything will run smoothly. Sometimes wills are contested. In these situations, a beneficiary or someone who believes he or she should have been a beneficiary challenges the will.

Often, these matters make already tense family situations worse. Family dynamics — like a favored older sibling or a power struggle between relatives — are amplified when families learn of an inheritance and disagree about the way property was divided.

Reasons A Will May Be Invalid

There are several reasons Minnesota courts may find a will — or a portion of a will — invalid. Sometimes the person who created the will was believed not to have the ability (called testamentary capacity) to understand his or her property in a way that was clear enough to make a will.

Other times, the person who created the will may have been unduly influenced by a person in his or her life, like a caretaker or manipulative relative, into leaving all the assets of the estate to him or her. Sometimes elder abuse is present.

When we handle your case, we will conduct a thorough and complete review of the facts. We will work closely with you to protect your interests and help ensure the best possible results are achieved.

Asset Dispute? Contact A Minneapolis Will Dispute Lawyer.

Law Office of Sivertson and Barrette, P.A., offers a confidential consultation to prospective clients. An attorney at our firm will give you an honest assessment of your legal matter and explain to you what your options are. Contact us online or by phone at 651-964-6301 or toll free at 800-563-3094 to speak with a St. Paul contested will attorney.

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