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St. Paul Race Discrimination Lawyer

Sadly, race discrimination is still a very real problem in the workplace. Whether you have been the victim of color discrimination, ethnic discrimination or cultural discrimination, you need a lawyer on your side who is dedicated to helping you fight for justice.

With more than 35 years of experience, the employment discrimination attorneys at the Law Office of Sivertson and Barrette, P.A., have the knowledge and skill to help you defend your rights. From our office in St. Paul, we represent workers throughout the Twin Cities and across Minnesota.

Our law firm offers a free, confidential consultation. Call 651-964-6301 to learn how our experienced team can help you.

What Constitutes Race Discrimination?

We represent workers who have faced a wide variety of discriminatory actions from their employers, including but not limited to:

  • Terminating people of a certain race while retaining people of another race
  • Denying promotions or raises for people of certain races
  • Instituting different pay levels for people of different races
  • Making hostile remarks based on a person’s race

While Minnesota law allows employers to terminate a worker for virtually any reason, the decision cannot be based on the worker’s race or ethnicity. Our firm has established a strong track record of helping workers achieve the best possible outcome in their cases — and we will work diligently to do the same for you.

Free Consultation — Call Today To Learn How We Can Help

When dealing with these issues, it is essential to act quickly. To arrange your free initial consultation with a St. Paul race discrimination lawyer, please give us a call at 651-964-6301 or toll free at 800-563-3094. You can also contact us online. Our insightful staff will sit down with you to help you understand all of your options.

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