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Just how sizeable is the pay gap between male and female nurses?

While most of us would prefer to think otherwise, the unfortunate reality is that statistics routinely show that women earn less money than their male counterparts across multiple industries here in the U.S.

Case exposes problem of gender discrimination in the tech industry

While pockets of tech entrepreneurs can be found throughout the nation, including right here in the Twin Cities, the undisputed center of the tech industry remains Northern California's Silicon Valley.

NFL cheerleader files proposed class action over wages, overtime

An Oakland Raiders cheerleader just filed a proposed class-action lawsuit on behalf of 40 current and former Raiderettes. She claims the Raiderettes’ contract violates both state and federal wage and hour laws -- and cheerleaders’ contracts with other NFL teams probably do, as well. She invites other dancers with similar problems to join. Twenty-six of the NFL’s 32 teams, including the Minnesota Vikings, have cheerleaders.

Court: 'inadequate' EEOC pre-trial effort no defense for employer

In 2011, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against an Illinois-based mining company that, despite numerous highly-qualified applicants, hadn’t hired a single female miner since it opened operations. The company offered an unusual defense. The lawsuit should be thrown out, it said, because the EEOC’s efforts to settle the complaint through its pre-trial conciliation process had been inadequate.

Pregnant Workers Fairness Act would fortify employee protections

35 years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that discrimination against pregnant women who wanted to continue working was not sex discrimination. Instead, the court said, it was merely discrimination between women who were pregnant and women who were not, which was not illegal.

Man sexually assaulted at work and not believed sues his employer

If you asked a random person on the streets of St. Paul if they liked their job, chances are they'd say no. But sometimes, it's not for the reasons most people might think. Sometimes, it's because they are in a hostile work environment but get little relief from management who may not be doing anything to remedy the situation. While this is against federal employment laws, we see situations like this happening in states across the nation.

Do doctors have rights against gender-biased board certification?

For physicians, achieving a board certification in their medical specialty often isn’t the result of additional training undertaken to bring prestige to their practices. In many areas, board certification is either required to practice at all, or in order to achieve affordable malpractice insurance. For dermatologists, apparently, certification is the final exam, so to speak, just as bar membership is for practicing attorneys. When dermatologists fail the certification exam -- or are later expelled by the board -- they must repeat their medical residencies, according to a recent federal lawsuit.

Can a top sales rep be a victim of pregnancy, sex discrimination?

You might think it doesn't make much sense for a multinational corporation to discriminate against its top sales representatives, but corporations often make employment law decisions that don't make sense, except from a certain perspective. One of the most successful salespeople at the pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co., Inc., has just filed a federal class action for gender discrimination, claiming that Merck's policies toward maternity leave and parenting issues forces women to choose between motherhood and success. She is seeking at least $100 million in compensation for women put in that position by Merck.

Smaller sex discrimination class action refiled against Wal-Mart

After the U.S. Supreme Court turned away a class action involving 1.5 million nationwide Wal-Mart workers in 2011, many people may have assumed that was the end of the story. The high court's ruling in Dukes v. Wal-Mart held that the size of the proposed class was too large, that the situations of the women involved were too different, and that the claims lacked enough specificity to justify the certification of the case as a class action.

Burger King group settles sexual harassment lawsuit for $2.5 million

Without admitting any wrongdoing, Carrols Corporation, the world's largest operator of Burger King franchises, recently settled a multi-state lawsuit brought by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Carrols operates 575 Burger King restaurants in 13 states, although apparently not in Minnesota. In fact, just last year Carrols acquired 278 Burger King restaurants, and Burger King Corporation gained a 28.9 percent stake in Carrols.

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