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Does your workplace atmosphere support employees' mental health?

Every workplace creates a culture, and a positive one can support and energize employees. Even in the absence of discrimination or harassment, a poor one can be draining, disaffecting, or even antagonistic. With the recent controversy over whether the Miami Dolphins’ locker room culture, a lot of people have been thinking about workplace culture and its effect on employees.

Del Monte Thai employees get $1.2M for workplace discrimination

Minnesota readers may be interested to learn that workers who pick pineapples for Del Monte Fresh Produce were awarded a $1.2 million settlement on claims of abuse on farms in Hawaii. Thai immigrants allegedly received employment discrimination from a contractor hired by the Del Monte unit, which is one of the biggest producers in the world of fresh fruit and vegetables. The purported mistreatment occurred from 2003 to 2006, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said that the money would be split between the former employees.

Man sexually assaulted at work and not believed sues his employer

If you asked a random person on the streets of St. Paul if they liked their job, chances are they'd say no. But sometimes, it's not for the reasons most people might think. Sometimes, it's because they are in a hostile work environment but get little relief from management who may not be doing anything to remedy the situation. While this is against federal employment laws, we see situations like this happening in states across the nation.

EEOC: boss set video cameras to ogle woman at Worthington company

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission just filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against an office furniture and supply company in Worthington after its operations manager allegedly set up the business’s security cameras to focus in on an employee’s breasts and body and streamed hours of that video to his office computer. This created a sexually-hostile work environment what the EEOC called a “particularly egregious” violation of her and all of its employees’ rights.

If someone directs your daily work, are they a supervisor?

The U.S. Supreme Court will be considering that question on Monday. In this case, the context of the question is race discrimination. The question comes before the high court because previous rulings have made clear that, in cases where a supervisor engages in harassment, the company is liable.

Hostile work environments reported in 25 congressional offices

The U.S. Office of Compliance is a federal agency which works to ensure that the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House of Representatives, the Congressional Budget Office and other Capitol building employers comply with federal employment law. The OOC, as it is known, has just released its latest report, and its revelations were disturbing.

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