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Helping MN medical professionals understand more about the HPSP

As a licensed medical professional, no one knows more about the value of hard work. That's because to get to this point, you've invested countless hours, endless energy and significant resources into securing the necessary education and training. Simply put, your dedication to your craft and your patients cannot be questioned.

Examining the complaint process as it relates to licensed MN dentists

A successful career in dentistry is about more than just earning a degree and the necessary licensure, which by itself is a herculean effort. Rather it's also about building a successful practice, earning the respect of colleagues and, of course, gaining the trust of the community served.

A new era for Minnesota's nurse practitioners

When envisioning the medical care hierarchy, it's imperative not to think solely in terms of physicians and nurses. Indeed, there are many other skilled professionals within this structure that play an absolutely vital role in patient care, particularly nurse practitioners.  

Dedicated to protecting your license and your professional reputation

Without a doubt, one of the proudest moments in the lives of any health care professional is when they are able to walk across the stage, clad in cap and gown, to receive their diploma. That's because this moment, however fleeting, is the culmination of years of intensive academic work and personal sacrifice, and marks the start of a promising career.

Teacher's old, rehabilitated offense results in wrongful firing

Some employers use criminal background checks as a matter of course before hiring people, regardless of whether the nature of an applicant's criminal past had anything to do with the job they would be doing. As we've discussed before, however, the broad, blind use of criminal background checks may result in a disparate impact against minority applicants, because minorities are disproportionately likely to have criminal records, even when their behavior is no different from their white peers.

Bill would automatically suspend nurses who fail addiction program

As we've discussed on this blog before, the Star Tribune has published a series of articles over the past few months that have been highly critical of the Minnesota Board of Nursing's disciplinary process. The investigation revealed a number of nurses still providing direct patient care despite having potentially-disqualifying misdemeanor convictions, and others who continued practicing despite having failed drug or mental illness monitoring. The governor even accused the Nursing Board of being "asleep at the switch."

Harried Nursing Board wants more power to crack down on workers

A highly-negative series in the Star Tribune has put the Minnesota Board of Nursing on edge. As we discussed early last month, the Star Tribune series uncovered a few hundred cases in which nurses were still working despite misdemeanor records that may disqualify them from direct patient care, and a few accused of serious misconduct.

Minnesota nurse licensing crackdown: what about employees' rights?

A recent investigative series in the Star Tribune has shaken up the Minnesota Board of Nursing and nurses around the state. The investigation discovered some 294 licensed nursing professionals who were listed in the Minnesota Court Information System, or MNCIS, as having misdemeanor convictions that apparently disqualify them from licensure. That investigation prompted a joint hearing before the Minnesota House and Senate health and human services committees, scheduled for Nov. 13.

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