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Helping Baby Boomers plan for the next chapter

It goes without saying that determination, optimism and confidence are just a few of the traits that have come to define the Baby Boomer generation. Indeed, it's traits like these that have helped many Boomers achieve significant success on both a personal and professional level over the years.

Minnesota estate tax proposal up for vote

Discussion is ongoing among Minnesota legislators about reducing the amount of estate taxes paid by certain individuals following their death. Certain members of the Minnesota House would like to more than double the amount of money required in the estate before subjecting estate assets to taxation.

A closer look at the execution of simple wills in Minnesota - III

Over the last six months, our blog has spent some time discussing simple wills in the hope that it would shed some light on the state laws governing these documents and help drive home the message about just how important basic estate planning is for everyone.

Important estate planning considerations for single parents -- II

Earlier this month, we discussed how estate planning is not on the agenda of many single parents due to the hectic pace of everyday life, which is typically consumed by trips between work and school, errands and even the occasional crisis.

Important estate planning considerations for single parents

As a single parent of young children, there's a very good chance that you are constantly on the move, traveling between work and school, juggling your child's recreational activities with errands, and even managing the occasional crisis.

An examination of health care directives in Minnesota - II

A few weeks back, our blog began discussing how Minnesota law permits those who feel very strongly about the type of medical care that should be administered in the event of their mental and/or physical incapacity to execute a legally binding document known as a health care directive.

Why you must consider executing a health care directive

As we've discussed before, many people are reluctant to take the necessary steps to create a proper estate plan not because they are neglectful, but rather because they are reluctant to broach the always difficult topic of death.  

A closer look at the execution of simple wills in Minnesota - II

In a prior post, we started exploring the topic of simple wills. The reasoning behind this was to provide some valuable insight into what state law has to say about these important legally binding documents and to reinforce just how vital they are in helping solidify a person's exact estate planning wishes.

What the Donald Sterling saga says about estate planning

Even if you wouldn't consider yourself a sports fan, there is a very good chance that you are familiar with the legal drama surrounding Donald Sterling, the embattled 80-year-old former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball franchise.

Consideration should be given to who will be named in estate plan

When most people hear the term "estate plan" the first thing that likely comes to mind is how assets will be distributed upon death. While this is certainly a component of the process, it is not the only important thing that needs to be determined. Thought should also go into who will be named as the following:

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