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St. Paul Lawyers | Exploitation Of Vulnerable Adults

As the people we love get older — as they face the physical and mental health challenges of aging or disability — it is natural to worry about their well-being. While elderly, disabled or otherwise incapacitated adults are generally well-cared for by their friends, families, people who have power of attorney over them, guardians and conservators, sometimes that is not the case. The elderly and disabled can fall victim to these individuals.

St. Paul Vulnerable Adult Attorneys

If you suspect that someone you love is being taken advantage of, you do not have to handle the matter by yourself. The lawyers at the Law Office of Sivertson and Barrette, P.A., can help. Our St. Paul law firm stands up for people who are being exploited. We represent people who are being taken advantage of financially or who have become the victims of physical abuse in nursing homes, assisted living facilities or in their own homes.

At our firm, elder abuse matters are handled by experienced probate and estate planning lawyer Michelle M. Barrette. We handle cases of exploited vulnerable adults for clients in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, as well as for people throughout greater Minnesota.

Spotting The Signs Of Exploitation

Sometimes, elder abuse is not so clear cut. How can you know that exploitation is taking place? Often, caretakers, neighbors or relatives offer excuses, and loved ones are adamant that the person has their best interests at heart. Because of the position of trust, misrepresentation or due to the weakened mental or physical condition, the vulnerable adult does not understand the true nature of the situation.

  • Financial exploitation: Has someone convinced the elderly person in your life to sign over property or cash? Are assets missing? Has a will or access to a bank account suddenly been changed?
  • Physical exploitation: Physical abuse often accompanies financial exploitation. Is your loved one fearful of a caretaker? Have you noticed unexplained injuries or multiple injuries with no good explanation? Do you have trouble getting private time to talk to your loved one without the caretaker present?

Take Action To Protect A Loved One. Contact A Minneapolis Elder Abuse Attorney.

We understand the feelings of worry and powerlessness that people experience when a loved one is being exploited. Our goal is to put power in our clients’ hands by taking legal action in Minnesota courts. State and federal laws protect vulnerable adults. Having a lawyer on your side is the best way to enforce those laws and protect the person you care about.

Take action to protect a vulnerable adult’s health, well-being and assets. Contact the Law Office of Sivertson and Barrette, P.A., in St. Paul, by calling 651-964-6301 or 800-563-3094.

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